WhaleFood Games
Based in Brooklyn, NY

Release date:
October 29th, 2014

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Free to try. $1.99 access all levels


Help Jessie the mouse escape from bothersome snakes using super-psychic-mouse powers! Can you solve all 75 mind-bending puzzles and help Jessie get back home safely? A literal twist on the classic sliding-blocks puzzle game, Too Many Snakes swaps rigid blocks for flexible snakes that must be pulled and bent out of the way to reveal the exit for Jessie to escape. Collect Gold Stars by solving levels in the fewest moves possible! Experience the first 12 levels for free! Only one in-app purchase to gain access to over 60 more handcrafted levels!


Too Many Snakes is the first outing from the newly formed company, WhaleFood Games. Despite gross misjudgments of the effort involved, and almost a year of polishing and iteration, Too Many Snakes is finally close to release. With zero industry experience and a negligible budget, WhaleFood Games is prepared to jump head first into the shark-infested deep-end of the app store.


  • Easy to learn, but mind-bendingly difficult to master.
  • 3 different locations.
  • 75 hand-crafted levels. Difficulty ranging from 'easy' to 'ow, my head.'
  • Free to try. One IAP for access to all levels.
  • Super-psychic-mouse-powers!


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About WhaleFood Games

WhaleFood Games is a one man game studio based in Brooklyn, NY. The studio's first game, "Too Many Snakes," will be releasing soon on iOS and Android.

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Too Many Snakes Credits

Jonah Wallerstein
Design and Development, WhaleFood Games

Felix Embree
Artist, Freelancer

Amar Ibrahim
Music and Sound, Freelancer

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